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Our online programs are designed for working professionals with demanding schedules. Request information today to learn more about our online programs. 


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How to search for online and hybrid courses

By going to, you will be able to find online and hybrid course offerings. In order to reduce the amount of time to search for online courses, it is recommended to begin with selecting a subject.

Quick Search

A. Enter Subject
B. Enter Catalog Number and/or
C. Enter keyword

Search Results

Classes that meet the search criteria will appear at the bottom of the page. When you select a class in the Search Results list, the Class Information page will open. The three tabs across the top of the page provide class information, including Details, Availability, or Textbooks.

You can also filter your search to include online and hybrid courses by selecting "Additional Search Filters", then click on the triangle adjacent to "Instructional Mode". Online and hybrid courses may require regularly scheduled classroom time or face-to-face contact (for requirements such as exams, labs, etc.). Such requirements will be noted in the Schedule of Courses. 

Asynchronous vs. Synchronous courses

You may have heard the terms "asynchronous" and "synchronous" while searching for online programs and online courses. These terms refer to the delivery of the course and the student experience.

  • An asynchronous course provides instructional materials (video lectures, assigned readings, homework, quizzes, etc.) online and does not require scheduled time to meet with the instructor for live lecture. Students can complete the work according to their schedule week by week.
  • A synchronous course requires students to attend live lecture online during regular scheduled class times for participation and instruction. Students will also be provided instructional materials online to accommodate the live lecture schedule.