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Financial Aid
The financial aid page provides details about applying for aid as a new, current or returning graduate student. You'll also find information about the available sources of assistance as well as sample budgets and aid packages.

State Authorization
As an institution that participates in federal financial aid programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, Michigan State University is required to comply with recently published regulations regarding distance education. Click on the "State Authorization" link above to read more about agreement and regulations.

Academic Calendar
Check out this page for current, past and future academic calendars. You'll also find a list of important dates and deadlines that will help prepare you for the school year.

The MSU Libraries are excellent resources for online and distance learning. There are many collections and service available online. Read more about the options by clicking on the "Libraries" link above.


Additional Resource | Enrollment Information


Fall 2021 and Beyond
All students will use the new Student Information System (SIS). For reference, here is a link to the guide for using the new system.

Make an Advising Appointment
To discuss your course plan, check with your department on who your academic advisor is, how to make an appointment, and how to create an academic grad plan then submit it for approval.