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Advanced Degree Students

Earn your graduate degree online with Michigan State University! Our online programs are designed for working professionals with demanding schedules. Request information today to learn more about our online programs.

Courses offered online can be found in the MSU Schedule of Courses by clicking the "Online & Hybrid" icon under Special Searches. You can also search for online and hybrid courses by checking the "online courses" box under custom search. Online and hybrid courses may require regularly scheduled classroom time or face-to-face contact (for requirements such as exams, labs, etc.). Such requirements will be noted in the Schedule of Courses.

"Online" indicates the program is offered totally online. Texts, reading lists, proctored examinations and/or other non-instructional experiences may be required as stipulated.

"Hybrid" indicates a program that blends online instruction with required or scheduled in-person contact, including examinations, laboratories, etc. At least 50% or more of the courses required for the degree or certificate are delivered through online instruction. Text, reading lists, and/or other materials are stipulated.