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Program Overview

This program provides advanced education in immunodiagnostics theory and clinical application. Medical laboratory scientists use this certificate program to apply further knowledge in performing, interpreting and troubleshooting immunodiagnostic and flow cytometry assays in the clinical lab. Laboratory professionals from various disciplines can benefit from this programs multidisciplinary approach to theory and application. This program aims to inform the student of testing protocols and assays that provide valuable diagnostic information to the clinical practitioner or in a research setting. Students that have enrolled in this program come from hospital, research, industry, and a variety of other lab settings.
This three-course program provides comprehensive instruction in application and practice in immunodiagnostics and flow cytometry. Coursework includes:

BLD 850 Concepts in Immunodiagnostics (2 Credits) provides background on the immunology principles and theory applied to diagnostic evaluation of the host immune response during health and disease stages of life. It is offered online.

BLD 851 Clinical Applications of Immunodiagnostics (2 Credits) provides students a foundation to develop skills in immunodiagnostics theories and principles that can be applied to clinical assay development and method evaluation. It is offered online.

BLD 852 Immunodiagnostics Laboratory (2 Credits) is a one-week intensive laboratory course that is offered during the summer semester here on the campus of Michigan State University. The student performs immunochromatography, in vitro diagnostic assays, basic flow cytometry, and subsequent data analysis with quality control evaluation.

Program Outcomes

Students can use what they learn from this program to assist with immunodiagnostics test selection, development, implementation and interpretation in their laboratory setting.

Career Outlook

Students that complete this certificate program have a better understanding of immunodiagnostic assays, techniques and troubleshooting. This skillset is in high demand in clinical laboratories and can provide a foundation for job opportunities in immunodiagnostics.

Admissions and Requirements

To be accepted to this program, you must have:

  1. Bachelor of Science degree and experience in a clinical/research/industry laboratory.
  2. Previous work experience


  3. A written personal statement

  4. Official transcripts from all previous schools

To apply to this program:

  1. Complete an online Lifelong application. There is no cost associated with this type of application. It is an enrollment status and the term Lifelong Education is applied to students who are not pursuing a university degree or an Agricultural or Veterinary Technology certificate. Be sure to include the course number (e.g. BLD 850) on the last page of your application. After submitting your application, it will take 24-48 business hours for processing.
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Key Dates

Rolling applications. Students can start the program in any semester. We recommend applications are submitted at least one month prior to the start of the semester to allow time for processing.

Tuition & Fees

In State Tuition

  • $4,715
  • Total

Out of State Tuition

  • $6,042
  • Total

Flat Fees

  • Taxes per semester
  • $23


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