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Program Overview

Watershed management requires an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. Law, policy, community planning and development, stakeholder involvement and resource economics contribute as much to solutions as engineering, biology, hydrology and chemistry. To meet this challenge the Michigan Water Environment Association and the Institute of Water Research (IWR) at Michigan State University have teamed up and developed an interdisciplinary educational program that offers professionals and advanced students with responsibilities or interests in watershed management a unique opportunity to acquire certification online. Those that will find these courses beneficial include Consultants; Policy Makers; Civil and Environmental Engineers; Instructors and Researchers at Universities; Landscape Engineers and Architects; Public Works Personnel; Regulatory Staff; Scientists; and Advanced Degree Students.

The seven on-line courses offered are:

  • Course 1: Basics of Hydrology
  • Course 2: Addressing Water Quality
  • Course 3: Socioeconomic Considerations, Institutions & Management Issues
  • Course 4: Developing & Implement Watershed Management Plans
  • Course 5: Tools & Modeling for Watershed Management
  • Course 6: Understanding Soil Erosion & Sediment and Pollution
  • Course 7: Historical & Legal Issues of Watershed Management
  • An additional course on Best Management Practices for Drains and Water Resources Maintenance is forthcoming

This program is not offered for university transcriptable credit, but is offered for certification. There are 7 modules that must be completed to receive Watershed Certification from the Michigan Water Environment Association.

Program Outcomes

Benefits from taking this online course include having a better understanding of the interdisciplinary approach to watershed management. Participants and students completing all seven modules will be awarded a certificate in watershed management from the Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA). They will also receive a complimentary one-year MWEA Membership. The MWEA represents more than 2,000 water quality professionals statewide who are dedicated to preserving, restoring and enhancing Michigan's water resources. The MWEA brings together a diverse group of individuals whose careers involve the water environment and who have similar objectives from a variety of backgrounds. MWEA provides a forum for all water environment topics.

Career Outlook

Those taking the set of courses will be well informed on watershed management and have a better understanding of the complexity and multi-disciplinary nature of the subject. They will have earned a certificate in Watershed Management from a well-established environmental organization and will be better positioned to compete for positions that take a watershed management approach to solving real-world problems.

Admissions and Requirements

    To apply to this program:

    1. Online courses are designed to be flexible to accommodate personal schedules. In general each course should be completed within three weeks. Participants are expected to complete the entire program within 24 months. Courses need not be taken sequentially and can be taken simultaneously. Each course is offered entirely on line and can be accessed 24/7. Each course cost: $100 each.
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    Tuition & Fees

    In State Tuition

    • $730
    • Total

    Flat Fees

    • Initial one time fee
    • $30


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